Fundamentals of Life

Financial Cornerstones

Money Market Accounts: 20%

Retirement Accounts: 20%

Savings Accounts: 20%

Invest and Hold: 20%

Dealing with Surprises

Auto Insurance: $10/Million/month
Home Owners: $10/Million/month
Health Insurance: $10/Million/month
Liability Insurance: $10/Million/month
Life Insurance: $10/Million/month
Theft Insurance: $10/Million/month
Hello! from the founder
Our relationship basis is fragile. 99% of our interactions are limited to ten contacts. Surveys indicate that nearly all Americans have angst and are annoyed by situations they can't control.
Quantum Beings Society is interested in how we weave our lives.
We actually got here after an unbelievable journey. It all started 13.799 ± 0.021 billion years ago - that's when we were spawned. The early universe was so hot that matter particles came into existence fleetingly before falling right back into the inferno. As it cooled however, a range of complex particles crystallized. Gravitation began tugging at each other forming clumps of atoms (80% hydrogen and 20% helium) No humans were to be found!
These clumps grew into stars, quasars, galaxies and clusters of galaxies. Things were pretty violent everywhere by human standards.
Things calmed down finally. That is when atoms merged to form molecules like water and DNA. With a little help from quantum entanglement there was Life!
Explains why I
love Cosmology and in vivo Quantum Biology so much.
Being mesmerized comes natural.  No angst, just delight. Cheers everyone!
                         Tom Padikal

   Pioneered by physicists.  For Humanity. How you can participate.