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Auto: $100/Million/year
Home Owners: $100/Million/year
Health: $100/Million/year
Liability: $100/Million/year
Life: $100/Million/year
Theft: $100/Million/year
Natural Disasters: $100/Million/year
Hello! From the founder
Our relationship skills are poor. 99% of our interactions are with less than ten folks.
Institutions like banks have exploited this and have made billions. Nearly everyone suffers from angst and is chronically worried. Insurance companies have exploited it making billions.
Both are aberrations from natural law.

Quantum Beings Society is interested in how we weave our lives.

Our lives started 13.799 ± 0.021 billion years ago when we were spawned by Big Bang. The early universe was so hot that matter particles came into existence only fleetingly before falling right back into the inferno. As it cooled however, a range of matter particles crystallized. Gravitation began tugging at them and formed clumps. These clumps grew into stars, quasars, galaxies and clusters of galaxies. Violent by human standards, things finally calmed down. That is when atoms began nudging at each other, forming molecules like water and DNA.

With help from charge gradients and quantum entanglement, molecules began moving. Born was purpose and locomotion. The stage was set for life.

Hence my 
love of Cosmology and in vivo Quantum Biology.  
Angst? Na, just jaw dropping awe and wonderment.
Cheers everyone!

Tom Gateway

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